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My life-growing up in Southern Africa, studying in Vancouver, Canada and then pursuing a fashion and design career in Paris--where I worked at Ralph Lauren and studied at Parson's School of Art and Design along with my experience as Ambassadress representing an Embassy in Washington, D.C have contributed to the evolution of my personal style. I have taken inspiration from the many extraordinary places I have visited -- from the magnificence of the Chateau of Versailles, a zen styled house built on stilts at the prestigious Pankaur Laut Resort in Malaysia, the traditional plantation houses of the Southern United Sates, the charming blue and white fishing village of Comporta, Portugal or the Spanish Colonial Missions in the Amazon Region of Bolivia. I have discovered colors, countries, cultures and peoples from tribal villages in Mozambique to chateaus and villas in Europe that have been fascinating and inspirational to my taste.

Southern Africa

Africa is a continent of contrasts from the ancient Egyptian civilization in the north to the incredible natural beauty found in sub-Saharan Africa--there are over 800 ethnic groups, each with its own language, religion, and way of life.

African textiles are cloth fragments and parchment fragments that date to the 9th century B.C. African textiles are part of African cultural heritage, and a form of identity as each unique design represents a different tribe.

I have used one of these hand painted cloths as a tablecloth with typical porcelain to create a festive table decoration. Pamela Alexander Design is committed to creating opportunities for artisan groups around the world. My respect passion and appreciation for the beautiful handmade traditions in the world and my experience working with artisans who produce exquisite pieces has led me to assist in building profitable businesses in their communities with the assistance of organizations like Aid to Artisans.

                                                                                The vibrancy of Africa is evident in its music and dance-as it occupies a central place in cultures throughout the African continent. It is a means of marking rites of passage, healing the sick in soul and body and not only a means of enjoyment but a way of connecting with the gods and an important supporting element in the spiritual, emotional, and social well being of African society.

 South Africa has developed into a major wine producer with some of the best vineyards around Stellenbosch, Franschoek, Paarl, and Barrydale. However, Franschoek is considered the culinary and wine capital of South Africa and is located in a beautiful valley in  the Cape. It is known for its acclaimed chefs and winemakers and is home to South Africa's " top 100" restaurants.

 Apart from the numerous mammals found in the bushveld including, lions, leopards, white rhinos, blue wildebeest, kudos, impalas.  The most populous game reserves are the Kruger National Park, the Mala Mala Reserve and located in the eastern cape is the Ado Elephant Park where you can stay at the Relais Chateaux's Gorah Elephant Camp one of my family's ancestral heritage homes.